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Speakal iCrystal docking station for iPod

The Speakal iCrystal docking station comes with two uniquely designed speakers and it lets you dock your iPod or iPhone on it to play some tunes to accompany you while you’re sleeping. The two speakers have been made in the forms of two spherical pods, which each houses an illuminated teardrop that gives off soft blue light around the rim of the speakers. And the iPod or iPhone is to be docked in between the two pods.Buy Speakal iCrystal iPhone dock

The Speakal iCrystal is suitable for use at bedside. The device comes with a remote control and features touch controls for ease of changing music tracks and volumes. The iCrystal dock can also be powered by two AA batteries which also make it portable. It can be connected to any music source such as your iPhone, iPod and other music player as it features a 3.5mm headphone jack for easy connection. If you want one, it’s now available on Amazon for a price of $80.

via TechChee

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