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FreeLoader solar charger for your phones

Solar powered charger is useful especially while you’re out or at places where you can hardly find power outlets to recharge your cell phones or gadgets. The FreeLoader solar charger is a pretty promising solar-powered charger, which can efficiently collect the sun energy during sunny days and even cloudy days.

the FreeLoader charger has an internal battery that stores the charge. And it can provide up to 44 hours of power for the mobile phonem while 18 hours for the iPod. While the FreeLoader has run out of charge, you can recharge it via the sun or the USB port of your computer. It also comes with a number of adapters to suit the charging of various devices including your cell phones, iPod and other gadgets.

There are a number of the FreeLoader chargers available, namely original, pico and pro. The Pico is the smallest which is easy to bring along anywhere you go and provides up to 35 hours of juice for your cellphone. The pro is suitable for juice-hungry gadgets such as DSLR cameras, which can store lots of juice. The original version is priced at $44, while the pro is priced at $102 and the pico version is only available for pre-order at Firebox.

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