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USB lamp shaped like a mouse

The best way to have some shines on your computers is to have a USB powered lamp. And you might prefer a USB lamp that comes in a little unusual shape which doubles as a gadget that wows your friends. What about one that is shaped like a computer mouse which may deceive the passers-by to get hold of the wrong mouse while they’re trying to disturb something on your computer’s screen.

That was perhaps a good reason for why you’d wanna have a USB lamp shaped or designed like a computer mouse although it does not function as a mouse. The USB Mouse lamp is now available on Brando store, it offers a range of different colors, including yellow, green, white, saffron and pink. It lights up when you press it.

It costs only $17 on Brando. If you have a number of available USB ports or unoccupied USB hubs hanging around, perhaps it’d a good idea to own all the 5 colors and make up a colorfully shining desktop.

Buy USB mouse-shaped lamp

via geeky-gadgets

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