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Colorware adds more colors to BlackBerry 9650

We’ll want more colors for our handsets instead of having them remaining as black or white or some plain colors. ColorWare has also announced more colorful cases for the BlackBerry 9650 smart phone that was announced about a month ago.

There are a number of color schemes offered by Colorware cases. You can even send in your own BlackBerry 9650 to have them to customize the colors for your device. There are a number of combinations on the Colorware website. But if those available on the website don’t meet your requirement, you can send in the device and your own design to have them to make it for you but it’ll set you back at $150.

Buy Colorware colorful BlackBerry 9650 case

via winarco

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3 Responses to “Colorware adds more colors to BlackBerry 9650”

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