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Kitchen Knife doubles up as mirror for quick check to ensure you always look good

You’ve been busy all days in the kitchen, cooking all nice foods for your family but be sure to stay aware of how you look so you won’t present a ghostly look to your spouse or children. One of these Shatterproof Acrylic Kitchen knifes that we’ve stumbled upon on shall be a good gear while you need it for slicing and cutting all kind of meats and vegetables.

And the best is it doubles up as a mirror which you can simply pick it up for a quick check on how you look – if it turns out little unsatisfactory, you could quickly rush to your room or simply quickly tidy up your hair before your hubby coming near by.

But a little caution you should take note is – don’t hold the knife too close to your face or nose to avoid any accidental injury. It costs you only $10, if you want one, just hit the “Buy now” button to get yours! More info about this Kitchen Mirror Knife is as follow:

* Novelty Kitchen Knife Shaped Mirror
* The hottest gadget this year!
* Constructed from high quality shatterproof acrylic material.
* Lightweight and safe to use.
* Specially made to prevent scratching.
* A fantastic gift for your families and friends!
* Comes with a cloth bag (only available in black color now).
* Size: 18 x 6 x 0.4cm (L x W x H)
* Note: please remove the films on the mirror surface before using.

Package Included:
* 1 x Acrylic Kitchen Knife Mirror
* 1 x Cloth Bag

Buy Shatterproof Acrylic Kitchen Knife Mirror

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