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Philips wake-up light refreshed with new design

It’s good to wake up naturally which you can then have a fresher day. The Philips HF3470 wake-up light is a useful gadget that gradually wakes you up with some soft glowing light as if the sun is rising. And this device now has got its design refreshed and with a new model that comes in cheaper price.

The new Philips 3470 wake-up light will arrive on Amazon starting this September 2010 for the mentioned price of $99.99. The device simulates sun rise for 30 minutes that gradually increases the light intensity. If light isn’t the effective way to wake you up, the device will also play the FM radio or some nature sounds at the end of the 30-minute sun bathing session.

Since the device is only available in September, but if you want one now immediately, there is a more expensive version that comes with a detachable iPod dock, modeled as Philips HF3490 which lets you dock your iPhone or iPod on it, so it’ll play your favorite tunes to wake you up. The iPod dock also charges your iPhone or iPod while the Apple device is docked. If you want one, the Philips HF3490 is now available on Amazon for $200. Hit the Buy Now button below to get yours now!

Buy Philips HF3490 wake-up light

via hardwaresphere

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