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eRoll – a rollable e-reader

Unlike Amazon Kindle, the e-Roll offers better portability as it can be rolled up for ease of bringing it along and storing. The device has a rollable and flexible screen that lets you roll it into a compact cylinder which makes it to easily slip into your coat pocket.

Some old folks still prefer reading newspapers or magazines than an e-book reader as the newspaper or magazine can be rolled up into smaller size and carried under the armpit. But those e-book readers we’ve seen these days do not allow you to do so as they’re rigid tablets. Perhaps if an e-reader that is rollable like the eRoll, it’ll gain more popularity in all age groups.

Anyway, the eRoll is just a concept the moment which aims to provide excellent functionalities by giving the feel of reading a real newspaper. It also lets you read e-documents, magazines and other contents that can be store onto its built-in memory.

via dvice tuvie

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