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Kube, sugar cube-sized tiny MP3 player

A tiny MP3 player is kind of convenient especially during exercise when you need some tunes accompanying you. The Kube MP3 player should be what you want, if you’ve been looking for such a tiny music player. Look at how the little device rests quietly on the palm.

Despite the tiny size, it accepts a 2GB microSD card that lets you store up to 8,000 of your favorite MP3 songs. As tiny as an 1-inch square cube, the Kube MP3 player is available in a number of colors including black, white, pink, green and yellow. And it weighs a mere 18 grams, has a built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that provides up to 6 hours of continuous playback of MP3 songs after an hour of recharge via USB.

The super tiny player is now available at ThinkGeek for a price of $35. The package comes included with the Kube player, microSd card, SD card adapter, USB cable, earphones and user manual. The only lacking is the super tiny gadget doesn’t have an LCD display that lets you know what track you’re currently playing. But if you just need it to play some tunes during exercise or cycling, you’ll not have to care about what’s being displayed and played, as long as with some nice tunes playing through your route.

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via thecoolgadgets

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