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Belkin Conserve sockets, charging stations and energy usage monitor

Belkin has announced some energy-saving accessories, namely Conserve Insight, Conserve Valet, Conserve Smart AV and Conserve Socket, which have been designed to help you save electricity bills, monitor your power usage as well as having your gadgets recharged well in a power-saving manner.

The Conserve Insight is a power usage monitor that lets you stay aware of how much power costs in watt and dollars as well as letting you know how much CO2 that has been emitted, so you can be more aware without being one of the culprits that worsens the environment. The Conserve Insight might not be as handy as other power usage monitor, as you have to plug in your device (e.g your microwave) in order to know the mentioned pieces of info.

Conserve Valet is a smart charging station, which will stop automatically while your gadgets have been fully charged to ensure NO vampire power and no wastage of electricity.

Conserve Smart AV is an auto-off surge protector that detects of any TV, game consoles, video players that are turned off and shuts down the power connected to the device automatically to ensure no energy wasted when the device (e.g your TV, DVD player etc) is NOT turned on.

Conserve Socket, a power socket that shall turn off the power automatically after a time interval that you’ve set. This helps save energy as well as making your home safer, such as you’ll never leave some dangerous equipments or devices on unintentionally e.g. curling irons, space heaters.

via geeksology

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