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Crystallize the iPad’s Apple Logo

As a Father’s day gift, if you can’t afford for the upcoming iPhone 4, you can simply contribute as little as $60 to add some bling to your dad’s beloved iPad. Available from iPhone accessory maker CAZE, the crystalline Apple logo is meant to make your dad’s iPad unique and outstanding from others.

The CAZE crystalline Apple logo costs $60 each, it’s claimed to be made of 150 high quality Swarovski crystals that are applied to a protective film that allows you to stick it at the back of the iPad. There are six different flashy colors – Clear, Pink, Blue, Gold, Purple and Light Purple, which isn’t hard to find one that suits your dad’s taste. Hope this little accessory could satisfy your dad’s crave for Apple gadgets.

Buy ipad crystallized logo

via padgadget

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