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LED pacifier effectively stops baby crying

Apparently, just the pacifier alone is not sufficient to stop the baby from crying. But once the little pacifier added with some multi-color LEDs, it’ll work differently. With three LEDs (Yello, Blue, and Green) flashing, the baby will be distracted and stop crying at once. It’s a clever design!

For the geek babies! The party has arrived. Suck away on your super cool LED Pacifier, kick your feet and wave your hands, and be careful not to poop your pants in front of the ladies.

The LED Pacifier is a quality pacifier with an orthodontic nipple, which we hear is the next best thing to a real one. The LED light turns on and off and is good for 6,000 flashes of crib party action. Pop in this pacifier and your baby will be a shining, colorful beacon of geekiness

The LED Pacifier is now available on ThinkGeek for a price of $5. If you want one just hit the “Buy Now” button!

Buy LED pacifier

via funniestgadgets

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