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Personalize the Wrap video eyewear using Wrap Fashion Shades to make you look cooler

Video glasses mostly come in plain designs which just look mostly like big and dull goggles on your face. While you’re lying down on the beach, enjoying your cool video sessions, it’s perhaps a good idea to present to passers-by, you’re actually wearing a cool pair of sunglasses instead of just plain video glasses. So, you’d wish to look cool by adding some styles to your video glasses. But if you own a pair of Vuzix Wrap video glasses, you’ll be able to add some styles with ease.

Vuzix Corporation, the leader in video eyewear has now made it with ease to personalize their Wrap video eyewear, by having announced their Wrap Fashion Shades. The interchangeable collection features four different colors – red, blue, amber, and mirror and they’re easy to use, can be snapped on any current models of the Wrap Video eyewear.

Each shade is also made of durable plastic yet features a smooth, glossy finish for a dazzling appearance. You can purchase each Shade for a price of $20 or $50 for the 4-color Fashion combo pack.

Buy Vuzix Wrap Fashion Shades

via maxborgesagencyblog

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