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Dyson outs two new models of Air Multiplier Bladeless Fans

Dyson, who takes the design of fans differently, has announced two new models of its bladeless fans, which now make use of the Air Multiplier technology to boost the cooling effect of these fans.

The smaller version of the two fans called the AM02 Tower, is a bladeless fan that measures 19cm in width and 1m in height. The AM02 is said to be able to draw in 33L of air per second and amplify it using the Air Multiplier technology by 16 times to cool the room. This fan is available in plain silver or blue/silver.

The other new Dyson model, AM03 Pedestal, is larger that measures 1.4m tall and is equipped with an Air Multiplier that has 18x of strength. It’s available in white and silver. These two new models of Dyson fan will be available in the UK for a price of £300 or $450 and they’ll come included with a remote control.

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