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Innpu cell phone with retractable headphone to reduce risk of radiation

Many of us have heard of cell phone radiation would likely have some negative impact to our health. So, if you’re one of those overly worried about cell phone radiation which might also put you off of using a cell phone, you could then consider the Innpu wired cell phone, which promises to keep you “more distant” from cellphone radiation.

The newly announced Innpu cell phone comes with a built-in retractable headphone. So you just need to pull out the headphone while you’re receiving or making a call. This helps reduce cell phone radiation and eliminates the uncomfortableness of your ear burning hot while having direct contact with the cellphone in a long conversation. The headphone will automatically retract once you’re done with your call.

The built-in retractable headphone of the Innpu mobile phone may seem simple but it took 5 years for Innpu to gather the required materials and processes to produce such a headphone that surpasses the winding capability of ordinary headphones. The headphone of the Innpu phone can wind up to 10 thousand times, overcoming obstacles such as module size constraints that can affect ease of use and speed.

The Innpu mobile phone will be available available worldwide and the technology will also be extended to other gadgets such as netbooks, notebooks, iPad etc to reduce direct skin contact to devices that helps reduce impacts of radiations.

via coolest-gadgets

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