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Multi-colored glowing outdoor furniture lights up your garden

Frontgate has readied some multi-colored glowing furniture that comes just in time for the summer to let you brighten up your garden, especially at the pool side. If you wish to sit around the pool side at night with your family, enjoying the FIFA World Cup on a big LCD TV screen, this glowing furniture will definitely add more exciting atmosphere to your garden.

The multi-colored glowing furniture is waterproof and scratch, scuff, and impact-proof as well, which eliminates your worry of it being hard to maintain. It uses long-life LED bulbs for its glow which can be activated at the flick of a switch. So, you just need to turn it on during night time and leave it off during days. But it’ll still spice up your garden with multi-colored pieces even it’s turned off during day time.

The glowing furniture needs four D-cell batteries to keep its LEDs glowing or alternatively it can be powered via an AC adapter that plugs into the mains. There are chairs, stools, and even tables available in the range of this glowing furniture and they’re available in a number of colors including blue, green, red, or classic white and with prices that start at $199.

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via geekwithlaptop

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