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Crystallize your bath with the Crystal Bathtub to boost your wealth

In the Feng Shui world, most believe the use of different shapes and colors of crystals to bring in different kinds of positive energy. And some even claim to boost wealth and health. If you believe in what’s been told by the “Feng Shui geeks”, you’d probably wanna follow the way to “crystallize” your living space and even yourself.

Some people will use a number of crystals such as Citrine, Amethyst to fill up certain corners in their living space. Or some will wear those stones in the form of necklaces or bracelets which is also one of the ways claimed to boost personal energy.

But now a more insane yet efficient method will be to bath yourself in a crystal bathtub everyday, which will give you a more complete way of getting crystallized and refreshed with new energy!

But before you’re able to do so, you must be rich enough first to own such a Crystal bathtub as it sets you back at $800K. But if you’re already a multi-millionaire, the price of $800K shouldn’t be a problem and it’ll be what you want to help boost your personal energy to get to the next level – becoming a billionaire. And of course, the $800K price tag is just a peanut for a billionaire, which you wouldn’t mind to pay that price that would continue to help boost your energy and wealth.

The Crystal Bathtub was carved by an Italian company, called Baldi. And it’s meant for three persons. It was made as a window display at Harrods with an exact price of $790,000 – a price that is cheaper than another similar crystal bathtub that was purchased by a Russian billionaire in 2008 with a price of $858,763.

The Crystal bathtub is carved from what was found in Amazon rain forest. It’s 2.5 meters in diameter and took six months to carve.

via geeky-gadgets

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