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ColorWare Segway i2 – a Segway for more colorful rides

ColorWare, which has been known of aggressively adding more color options to gadgets such as the BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad etc, has now embarked on adding more colors to Segway. If you’re big fan of Segway riding, you’ll also love the idea of riding on a Segway that presents striking colors to the passers-by, which will definitely help draw attentions of many handsome boys and pretty girls.

The new two-wheeler Segway that has been spiced up by ColorWare is called the ColorWare Segway i2. And it’s available in three colors, red, blue and yellow. To make your Segway riding more colorful, you can even choose to customize the Segway including the handle bars, upper and lower lean-steer, front and rear bumpers, wheels, hub caps etc. But this will set you back at $6,000!

via coated thecoolgadgets

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