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LimbGear Hoodie sweatshirt has music control for your iPhone or iPod

LimbGear iHood Hoodie, a sweatshirt comes with music control on its sleeve which frees you from the hassles of tangling wires for controlling music on your iPod or iPhone. There are a number of buttons on the sleeve of the LimbGear iHood sweatshirt which includes music control functions including track shifting, pause/play and volume control etc.

The LimbGear sweatshirt is priced around $69 and available as a pullover or full zip hood sweatshirt. But in order for it to be fully functional with your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player, you’ll still need to add in the LimbGear’s PANiQ Controller for the sweatshirt which costs you another $25. Meaning the package will cost you almost $100. Watch the clip of the iHood sweatshirt in action.

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via chipchick

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  1. […] of pockets and internal wire-management routes that allow you to carry many gadgets including your iPhone, iPad etc and make a PAN (Personal Area Network) possible within the jacket […]

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