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PowerEZ Plus double-tasking battery pack for iPhone 4

Those who’ve just got their iPhone 4, will very likely be looking for a battery pack or external charging solution to provide extended battery life that prolongs your various explorations of the new iPhone 4. Coming in the form of a battery pack, called the PowerEZ Plus, measureing only 0.5 inches in thickness, is a handy and tiny battery pack that attaches to the bottom of the iPhone 4 to provide more juice while you’re on the run.

The PowerEZ Plus keeps your Apple devices almost at full charge while you’re on the go. Besides working as a battery pack, it also doubles up as a sturdy, retractable prop which is useful for watching movies on the iPhone or iPod, allowing the iPhone/iPod to be positioned in a landscape manner for wider screen format.

The PowerEZ Plus also comes with built-in “Smart Charging” technology and “Over-Current Protection”, which always senses if the phone’s battery has reached its full tank, and stops charging while it has, to avoid over charging that may kill the battery. This battery pack also comes with a protective carrying pouch and is priced around $30 USD only. Of course, it also suits other Apple iDevices including iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, 3G, and iPod etc. Find out more on the Product Page.

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