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Digitize your business cards using Pitrec Business Card Digitizer

You’ve been given lots of business cards from your clients or suppliers. And it’s somehow uneasy to get those business cards organized. Simply slot them into a traditional card holder isn’t the solution, which you’ll eventually forget those contacts you have in the card holder. And it’ll waste you lots of time having to flip through those business cards in the holder when you need to search for a supplier or customer that has just come across your mind.

So, to get more organized with those business cards, the best way is to digitize them and store them onto your mobile phone, computer or any portable device, making them easily searchable and accessible by your phone or email.

Here comes the Pitrec Business Card Digitizer which is a device that digitizes those business cards you have, so you can then store on your computer, build a database for them and make those contacts easily searchable. The Pitrec Business Card Digitizer has a slot which you need to place the business card standing in the slot and it’ll take a snapshot of the card with its pop-up camera lens.

The digitizer has built-in OCR software which is able to extract texts from the business card that contain useful information including phone numbers, address, emails, titles or company names or possibly industrial types of the contact and store it on a database on a microSD card. And the photo of each business card should also be stored as well. You can have up 10,000 contacts stored on a 16GB microSD card or you should be able to export the contacts to your computer by some means. Or you can have those contacts accessed by your phone or email client other than viewing them on the Pitrec digitizer’s 400×240 resolution display.

The Pitrec card digitizer will be available on August 16 in Japan and priced around $300, a price tag that sounds kind of expensive. But if you have lots of business cards, having them digitized shall make your life much easier. And remember those contacts are important to your business, you’ll wanna make them easily accessible on your phone or computer, so you can reach them anytime without frustration.

via ohgizmo

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