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SCOTTEVEST Jacket has lots of pockets for your iPad, iPhone and gadgets etc

If you’re feverish for gadgets and you wish to bring lots of them with you, the newly unveiled SCOTTEVEST Carry-on coat should then be up your alley. The Carry-on coat comes with lots of pockets and internal wire-management routes that allow you to carry many gadgets including your iPhone, iPad etc and make a PAN (Personal Area Network) possible within the jacket itself.

The picture above shows how those pockets and holders hiding in the jacket. Some more it also features a weight management system, which we’re not sure what its actual function is, or it could possibly make less burden felt on your shoulders, while carrying those many gadgets.

This jacket is longer than average jacket and has 24 pockets which are meant for carrying some gadgets or useful gears and documents that you’d like to bring along for your trip. And some pockets are specifically sized for the iPad, iPhone and MP3 player etc. There are also some pockets for glasses, keys, clothes and extra pair of shoes. For sure, this is useful for the adventurous geeks, but we’re little worried about the weight it’ll put on you!

Carry-on coat via geeky-gadgets

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