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USB flash drive goes self-destruct, destroys ugly past memories

You may have some old pictures or messages stored on your USB flash drives with some of them linked to any ugly past relationships. And you wouldn’t want those ugly data occasionally pop up that would eventually hurt your feelings or destroy your public image. Now with the Tamatebako USB flash drive made by Fujitsu, you can set it to go self-destruct to destroy those old and ugly data. Even you’re a lazy one or someone who doesn’t know how to get your data organized, the Fujitsu USB flash drive can do it for you in an automated manner.

Of course, this USB flash drive does not burst into flames. Its self-destructing function is meant for you to set at certain intervals (from 10 minutes to a week) to automatically erase the stale data on the drive. You can even set it to protect your highly confidential data; so in the case the drive is lost or fallen in the hands of your rivals, the data on the USB drive will be erased, while it’s plugged into an unauthorized computer with incorrect password entered.

This USB flash drive offers a little stingy storage capacity of 2GB. But it should be sufficient since you can have it to automatically delete some data after a pre-defined time frame, eliminates the hassles of needing you to remove some data for more space. It also offers AES-bit encryption to securely protect your data and is available in a number of colors including green, blue, red, white and black.

via gizmodiva newlaunches

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