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Octopus Paul predicts an unqualified country to win the FIFA World Cup 2010 ?

Paul, the octopus that lives in the Sea Life Aquarium in Germany, has made a number of correct predictions for the FIFA World Cup 2010, including Germany’s loss to Serbia and Germany’s victories over both England and Argentina.

And the latest attempt by Paul is Spain’s victory over Germany for the Semi-final of the FIFA 2010 World Cup, with a picture having hit the Internet showing that Paul picked the food container labeled with the Spanish flag. Apparently the picture that showed up in the Internet was photoshopped from an earlier version that shows Paul’s earlier prediction of a German group round loss to Serbia.

So, what now? Look at what we’ve shown you here in the above picture! A flag of a country that is not even qualified for the FIFA 2010, but Paul has picked it as the winner against Germany. So, the fact is how easy it’s to photoshop such a picture to make your own country as the final victory of the World Cup 2010.

The picture above was spotted on Facebook, which a Facebook user photoshopped it to grant his country the victory by Paul’s pick over Germany. If you’re good in Photoshop, it isn’t hard to make one yourself.

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