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White iPhone 4 gets covered with diamonds, unlocked and priced $20K

iPhone is one of the popular gadgets out there that will always get some diamond and gold makeovers. And it’s no exception for the latest iPhone 4, a white iPhone 4 has now been covered with diamonds, thanks to Stuart Hughes, who have done it for quite a number of popular gadgets in the past.

The diamond-covered iPhone 4 is unlocked, which will suit almost all operators worldwide. It’s priced at a whopping price tag of $20K and packs an internal memory of 32GB. The diamonds have covered the edges, back and the Apple logo on the back is also bedazzled.

No indication about when this super expensive iPhone 4 will hit the stores. But it’s very likely that only certain limited number of units to be available. And the $20K price tag definitely ensures it to be owned by the rich and celebrities.

via coated gadgetlite

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