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Magnetic Thinking Putty catches and swallows magnets

You should have seen how a frog caught a fly and swallowed it. Magnetic Thinking Putty does it almost like what a frog does, but for the magnets or metal cubes instead of flies. The magnetic putty is made of viscous material that allows you to work with it and it’ll also respond slowly to magnets nearby.

When a metal cube is brought nearby the putty, it’ll work towards the cube and swallow it. The picture above simply shows it works almost like a frog which flies its tongue to catch a flying insect. A time-lapsed video is included below, which shows putty slowly swallowing the metal cube. If you want this little interesting magnet-eating gadget, it’s only priced at $13.50, and you can buy it from by simply hitting the “Buy now” button below.

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via gadgetvenue

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