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Adata Soccer World Cup Jersey USB flash drives

We’re sure not getting enough of the World Cup. And it’s almost coming to an end which the final going to kick off this coming Sunday. Although some of your favorite teams have been sent home due to their unexpectedly poor performance but you still could continue showing your supports. Having one or two gadgets that symbolize your favorite teams shall keep you loyal to them.

We’ve seen a World Cup Trophy USB flash drive before, now we have more choices of USB flash drives that symbolize the World Cup, which shall be great for fans of those teams who have no fate to cling to the World Cup trophy.

Here come the ADATA Theme Series T001 Soccer Jersey drives, which offer a bunch of USB drives with each wearing the jersey of your favorite team. Each USB drive is made of durable rubber and resistant to water and shocks. They’re kind of cute, shaped like a mini soccer player with legs. The upper part of the body is detachable from the legs to access the flash drive. So, get hold of either Spain or Netherlands USB drive to show off you’re the hottest soccer fan at the office or at the bar this coming weekend.

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