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LeBron James enjoys the colors of the MIAMI HEAT with Glam Rock watches

It was a big surprise for all the NBA fans that Lebron James announced that he’d be headed to Miami Heat. He was always kept an eye by all the fans where he’d be headed to after the last season ended. But it seems that the Miami based watch brand Glam Rock, already predicted that James would go to Miami as they’d earlier gifted him a black chronograph watch from the company’s Racetrack collection, which carries the colors of James’ new home, Miami Heat.

The basketball celebrity has confirmed his move by tweeting on Thursday night through his brand new twitter account (@KingJames) leaving the Cavaliers fans heartbroken at the news that he was headed to the Miami Heat. Lebron tweeted again yesterday from his team town:

“What’s up yall. Just landed in my new home. Thanks to all the fans and Miami organization who greeted me. The Road to History starts now!”

The picture above shows Lebron James wearing the Glam Rock black chronograph watch with a big smile on his face, showing lots of satisfactions. The Glam Rock watch comes in a black stainless steel finish with red accents on its dial. And complete with black matte bezel cover on a punched silicon strap. The watch is priced at $1,525, you can find out more about it on

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  1. really cool watch!

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