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Zenith EZ hangs up calls from telemarketers automatically

Telemarketers are kind of annoying, and you’ll usually not want to pick up their calls and listen to their long introduction of their products. Since you can’t identify which calls are from the telemarketers, you’ll normally fall into the traps and only realize after you’ve picked up the phone and spoken to them for a while. But you’re always not good at rejecting them, which you’ll eventually be lured into committing to their products.

So, if you hate the moment of talking to those telemarketers, you can make use of a little gadget that does the job for you. Called the Zenith ZEP100 EZ Hang Up, it’s a gadget connects to a phone via standard jack. When a telemarketer call comes in, you just need to press a button, the unit will play a recorded message twice and hang up then.

The unit also allows you to set caller ID to automatically hang up on selected calls. The Zenith EZ is now available on Amazon for a price of $25, just hit the “Buy now” button below to get yours, so you’ll waste no time of talking to telemarketers again.

Buy Zenith EZ hang-up

via redferret

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