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MamaRoo Bouncer – high-tech baby chair perfect for settling restless babies

If your infants are restless, you’ll be suffering as well, as you have to spare more time to take care of them. But now with a high-tech baby chair called the MamaRoo Bouncer, you’ll have more time for your work or housework, as this high-tech baby chair will keep the baby absolutely happy with 5 different movements.

The MamaRoo Bouncer moves up and down, side to side to keep your baby soothed. Those movements include car ride, tree swing, rock-a-bye, ocean and kangaroo ride. It’s got built-in nature sounds to help calm your baby or you can simply hook up external MP3 player to play your baby’s favorite songs.

There are also three plush balls above, decorated in the style of Van Gogh, Monet and Seurat which also keep the baby’s brain stimulated with happiness. Each ball is dedicated to each artist. On one side of the ball is black and white that suits young infants while your baby gets older, you can flip it to the color side.

This baby chair is also equipped with an LCD display that makes it easy to operate. It also includes an AC adapter and the fabric is removable and washable. It’s now available on ThinkGeek for a price of $200, if you want one, just hit the “Buy now” button below.

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via coolest-gadgets

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