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iCon Bed – the super nintendo-inspired bed

For the sake of Nintendo gamers, a bed has ben specially built for you. Called the iCon Bed, which carries a whopping price tag of $20,000 and you’ve gotta be a geek in gaming who has devoted a number of years in playing SNES games.

The two purple pillows show obvious resemblance to the two purple buttons (power and reset) on the SNES game console. So, what are the goodies involved in this SNES-inspired bed? It’s got a Hollandia adjustable 3D mattress, and plenty of gizmos including fully enclosed speakers, two iPad docks, and a 250 watt amplifier that helps blast your tunes loud. And of course, the basic requirement is you’ve gotta be rich in order to own a queen size of this bed with a $20K price tag.

via newlaunches

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