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Paul the Octopus iPhone App predicts all good and bad in your life

Paul, the psychic octopus which never failed one prediction for the FIFA World Cup 2010 matches, has now been made available as an application on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So, having Paul on the iPhone, you should be able to get him to predict what is good and bad in your life.

You can even get Paul the Octopus to answer any doubt in your mind that can hardly be decided by you. The app will show you an animated Octopus, and you’re then asked to put two things into two food containers, which Paul will then pick one of them as its lunch or dinner, to help you decide your choice.

As simple as that, anything you can hardly decide in your daily life, such as whether you should choose Soup or salad for your Pizza meal, or you should pick Jacob or Edward to be your partner in life. All these, you can have Paul to pick the best for you.

And remember, what Paul picks will always be the winner or the best such as what it’s done for the FIFA World Cup 2010 that he’s successfully picked the correct winners for 8 matches including a number of Germany’s victories and defeats, as well as the winners of semi-final and final. The Ask The Octopus iPhone app is now available on iTunes for a price of $0.99, if you want one, hit the “Buy now” button below!

Buy Ask Paul the Octopus iPhone app

via mashable

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3 Responses to “Paul the Octopus iPhone App predicts all good and bad in your life”

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  2. John says:

    Check out the Interactive Paul!
    You can move him around and play with him.
    Defently better

    Judge for yourself:

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