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Bluetooth headset in a wristwatch strapped on your wrist

Apparently, not many users are used to wearing a Bluetooth headset on the ear all day. If there is a more convenient way of carrying a Bluetooth headset that is definitely very helpful to your daily life. A new Bluetooth headset has surfaced which comes in the form of being attached to a wristband strapped on your wrist and it’s also equipped with an LCD screen that shows you the time.

So while there is any incoming call, it’ll be shown on the LCD screen that allows you to visually decide if you wanna pick up the call. If you do, simply detach the Bluetooth headset and insert it in your ear. This Bluetooth headset supports Bluetooth 2.1, which can be used for most phones. And it has a handy button for redialing the last number.

The battery lasts up to 3-4 hours of calling, 5-6 hours of music and 120 hours of standby after a single full charge. It’s now available on GeekStuff4u for a price of $114.

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via TechChee geeky-gadgets

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