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Cute Yaratta teddy bear reads out your Tweets

Are you following a number of thousands of people on Twitter, which you might need help from a little gadget that will read out your Tweets, in order to prevent your eyes getting sore? For whatever reason or you just want to add little cuteness to your work desk, the Yaratta teddy bear shall serve you well for reading your tweets.

This cute teddy bear is able to work with an iPhone app that accesses your Twitter account and reads out the Tweet for you. This should sound little easier than having to keep an eye on the computer screen for your tweets. Some more you can hook up the Yaratta bear in your car to get him to tweet for you while you’re on the run. The Yaratta bear will be available in Japan sometime in October for a price of 2200 Yen ($25). But no indication whether it’ll be headed to the US.

via slipperybrick

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