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Wall-mountable Bamboo iPad holder

Bamboo is deemed to be an eco-friendly material, which is sometime puzzling most of us as it’s the main food of the panda. Having more bamboos to make up some accessories for some gadgets, might be killing the food of the cute panda, which eventually sends panda to extinction more quickly. Anyway, it’s not about debating the use of bamboo here. It’s about an iPad holder that was made from bamboo and comes in a wall-mountable form that shall add more styles to your living space.

The bamboo-made iPad holder is called Wallet mount. It sticks to the wall and provides a slot for your iPad to sit in comfortably. It’s made from 100% of bamboo. The reason why it’s being called eco-friendly is it involves no trees cut down from the process except the bamboo trees.

The Wallet Mount iPad holder was designed by Jonathan Danforth who has also released a DIY Blueprint which you can follow and build one by yourself if you have lots of time. Or else just spend $65 and hit the “Buy now” button to get yours!

Buy Wallet Mount Bamboo holder for iPad

via hardwaresphere

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