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BanClock Alarm clock needs a coin to activate its snooze

We’ll always tend to press the snooze button or even try to get rid of the snooze while the alarm clock goes off in the morning. But unfortunately, this has always been the reason that you’re late for work. If you wanna wake up and be at work in time, you’ll need an alarm clock that has no snooze function or a snooze function that is little hard to activate.

Here comes the BanClock Alarm clock, which features a snooze function that works very differently from the alarm clocks that you’ve ever used before. Its snooze function requires you to insert a coin to activate. So when the alarm goes off in the morning, you’ll have to get up and look around for a coin to insert into it to send it to snooze mode. By then you’d be at least partially awake.

The BanClock alarm clock features a retro look and is with a golden dollar on top. It’s now available on JapanTrendShop for a price of $55. Hit the “Buy now” button to get yours.

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via techfresh

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