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Lego Taj Mahal – what David Beckham loves

What the celebrities love are what people will be crazy for and after. I’ve also seen this in a recent TV show that David Beckham mentioned he loves building Lego bricks and he ever saw online, an impressive Lego model which you can stack all the pieces up into a replica of the Taj Mahal.

The Lego Taj Mahal is what has kept David Beckham occupied in Italy. It comprises of 5,922 pieces and is made to target at advanced Lego builder and is said only available for purchase through Lego’s online store, which is also where David Beckham picked up his. But we’ve also found it available on Amazon.

The Lego’s Taj Mahal model replica is priced at $300 only and is the biggest and one of the most advanced models developed by Lego Group to date. And of course, its sales has skyrocketed since Beckham said this was what he wanted!

Beckham expressed that he wouldn’t want to be a coach of soccer. Instead he loves building Legos and would love to be a Lego model builder. If you’re also a big fan of Lego, the Taj Mahal can be yours by simply hitting the “Buy now” button below to get it from Amazon.

Buy Taj Mahal Lego

via cnn

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