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Mini projector wedding ring

Wedding rings come in gold or bespoke with diamonds are not what people want these days. They want something extraordinary. What a cool idea if you could stuff a mini projector into a wedding ring, which it repeats showing the videos or pictures of the most precious moments of you and your bride ever shared?

Here comes a wedding ring that has a built-in projector, which was created by Groom-to-be Luke Jerram together with jewelry designer Tamrakar. The wedding ring has a mini lens and transparent slide, with the tiny image of himself and his bride projected when light shines through it.

Apparently, it works pretty similarly to the overhead projectors used in the old days. It isn’t an electronic projector which is able to playback some slide shows or videos on its own. Today’s technology is still unable to shrink the size of a projector into something that is tiny enough to go into a ring. Anyway, according to the designer, this projector wedding ring is a one-off project design.

via newlaunches

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