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Projection scale projects your weight reading on a wall

The obese will usually have problems to bend down to read the reading on a conventional scale. So, a projection scale that has the ability to project the reading on a wall will be much easier for the obese to take their own weight reading anytime. This projection scale comes with a built-in projector and it’s able to weigh someone up to 550lbs. Apparently, it’s a scale specially designed for the overweight or obese, which also allows easy adjustment of its projection angle.

The little downside with projecting the weight readout on a wall is – you’ll not be able to keep your weight reading as a secret from your spouse or children. The device is also equipped with a large LCD screen that provides as an alternative reading for your weight. And it’s large enough to suit those with poor eyesight. But no information on the product page whether the projection can be turned off, so you will only use the LCD display to read your weight.

The Projection scale is priced at $55.20, a discounted price down from its original $79 on Amazon. If you want one, just click the “Buy now” button to get one for someone in your life who have difficulties reading a conventional scale.

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via ohgizmo 7gadgets

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