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DIY kit converts black iPhone 4 to white

Some girls may prefer the white iPhone 4. But disappointingly, the white model has been put off for a number of times for a number reasons. Although it says it”ll be available sometime this year but it’s somehow uneasy to keep waiting. If you can’t wait anymore, you can simply buy the black iPhone 4 or you already own the black iPhone 4, and spend additional $229 for a set of the DIY White iPhone 4 kit to convert a black into a white model.

The above picture shows those who’ve got the kits and successfully turned their existing iPhone 4s into white, which look pretty promising from afar. Anyway, those parts are not unconfirmed as genuine but the seller’s website does claim they’re OEM parts. Or they could have been painted in white from the original black parts. Anyway, it looks cool to have and convert one by yourself, if you do not mind the little expensive $229 price tag. Buy DIY iPhone 4 kit

via TechChee

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