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Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier with an illuminated pollution indicator

If you’re unconvinced the city you live is overly polluted, you can simply bring home the Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier. This air purifier comes with an illuminated pollution indicator that tells you the levels of pollutions.

The Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier has an illuminated hole that will glow with specific color depending on the levels of pollutions. Red indicates high pollution, light purple indicates middle pollution, purple stands for low and blue indicates your room is 99.5% clean.

The Coway air purifier has won the red dot design award. It’s equipped with a 3-stage Hepa filtration system which removes 99.5% of airborne particles including germs and dust. If you want one, it costs $280, just click the “Buy now” button to get yours!

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via ohgizmo

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2 Responses to “Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier with an illuminated pollution indicator”

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  2. Hello, I just received a brand new HEPA purifier and I can’t believe I ever lived without one.

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