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Casio outs LW-S200H Tough Solar watches for joggers

Besides the cool G-shock and cute Baby-G watches, Casio has also got some other nice watches for women. The recent release from the company, is the LW-S200H Tough Solar watch, which is specially designed for joggers and help improve their running. The Tough Solar watch is able to let joggers track their lap time and record them (max 120), including interval, auto-repeat and almost everything you need for your running.

The Casio LW-S200H Tough Solar watch will be available in Japan starting next week for a price around 5700.00 Yen or $67 USD after the conversion. If you want one you might have to get someone to ship it out of Japan, as no indication if these watches will be headed for the rest of the world.

via akihabaranews

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