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Self-administer vaccine needles make simultaneous injection painless

We’d always love to hear news of improvement in injection, especially those cause no pain. A self-administer vaccine device has been developed that is able to provide simultaneous injection to patients. And the best is it’ll cause no pain. The vaccine device consists of 100 micro needles that will dissolve quickly and leave no trace on the patient’s skin surface.

The self-administer vaccine device is currently a prototyped project, being developed by Emory University, which has great potential to replace the traditional injection needles in the future. The use of micro needles in vaccination is efficient to provide improved immunization against common diseases including influenza, cough, headache, etc. And the micro needles have been tested for use in human body. The needles were made from polymer, poly-vinyl pyrrolidone material etc.

via thecoolgadgets emory

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