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Decora Crystallized iPhone 4 cases improve signal reception

If you haven’t found a satisfactory iPhone 4 case to resolve the antenna problem, we have one more here that will surely be a better choice, especially you’re in love with crystals and sparkling beads. The latest from DS Styles are iPhone 4 cases that come covered with crystals. Known as the Decora Series Crystal iPhone 4 Case and is priced around $54, which is cheaper and prettier than the Swarovski version that the company has.

To solve the signal reception issue with your iPhone 4, you’ll need a case for it. So, why not pick up some cases decorated in your favor? The Decora Crystal iPhone 4 case offers 18 different designs, if you want one, just hit the “Buy now” button below.

Buy iPhone 4 crystal case

via chipchick

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