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Filterless air purifier saves long-run cost on costly filters

One of the major hassles of running an air purifier in your home is having to change its filter periodically, in order for it to continue to function properly. And of course changing the filters involves long-run cost and some more most filters come pretty costly these days. To eliminate the hassles and the long-run cost of filters, it’s best to have a filterless air purifier.

Freshly arrived at Hammacher store is a filterless air purifier that does the job better than your regular air purifier does. The filterless air purifier cleans the air and removes air pollutants without filters. The filterless air purifier emits billions of harmless electrons that attach to air impurities and convert them to negatively charged ions, causing the pollutants to gravitate to and bond with the air cleaner’s positively charged collection tube.

The device has gone through an independent lab test which showed it effectively removed airborne dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke particles as small as 10 nanometers –100 times smaller than the average bacteria. And the best is its effectiveness will not wane over time like traditional air filters.

The Filterless Air Purifier comes little more pricey than regular air purifier. It’s priced at $330. But you have to consider it saves you the long-run cost of having to buy costly filters. So, if you want one, just hit the “Buy now” button below to get yours from Hammacher.

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