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Tuned Up retro cassette silicone case for iPhone

Tuned Up has unveiled its latest silicone case for the Apple iPhone. The Tuned Up silicone case comes in the shape of a retro audio cassette which will definitely help bring back some old sweet memories during your school days where you used to play some nice songs on cassettes using your Walkman.

The Tuned Up silicone case also doubles up as a video stand which lets you position your iPhone with a properly tilt angle for watching your favorite video. You’ll also grab some attentions of passers-by wondering why you’re talking into a retro audio cassette tape, before they’ve realized that it’s got an iDevice in it. And of course, the bottom line is the Tuned Up case offers state-of-the-art protection for your iPhone. Currently, the Tuned Up case is just at its press time, so there is no information about its price.

via coolest-gadgets

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