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The best way to get laid is to own an iPhone!

Ladies, whether you like it or not, study has shown that iPhone users get laid more than any other smart phone users. The chart below clearly shows that iPhone is in the far lead, while BlackBerry and Android is the second and third respectively.

The study was done by online dating website, Okcupid, based on 9,785 users who took their profile picture with smart phones to come up with the numbers. So, the result is iPhone users have more sex than BlackBerry users who in turn have more than the Android phone users.

The above graph actually shows data for 30 year-olds, another graph below that shows ages between 18 and 40, which clearly indicates iPhone is still the winner. Female iPhone users are the big winners with an average of 12.3 sexual partners. While male iPhone owners having only 10 sex partners! Read more about it on Fastcompany!

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2 Responses to “The best way to get laid is to own an iPhone!”

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