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Credit card-sized Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Some users are kind of hard to get used to typing on the virtual keyboard on a touchscreen device or smart phone including your lovely iPhone or iPad. To match the productivity you used to have on a physical keyboard, the best is to bring along a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, which allows you to type more productively on your device.

Here comes the EFO Bluetooth keyboard which comes in the size of just a credit card, which surely makes it suitable to slip in your wallet, so you can use it anytime with your iPhone or iPad while you’re on the go. Besides, the tiny keyboard can be used as a remote control for your smart phones, and other handheld devices. Features at a glance are as follows:

* Easy To Use
* With Full Function Keys (F1 to F12), Tab and Cltr+Alt+Del keys
* Multi-Media Key (Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down)
* Tailor-made for handheld device, backlit buttons
* Bluetooth, for iPad, iPhone & Smartphone (Successfully tested on iPad and iPhone)
* Mini and Portable

This Bluetooth keyboard is still in production, priced at $32, a pre-order price and will be shipped in September. The price will be back to normal once the product is ready. So, hurry up for a pre-order – just hit the “Buy now” button below to get yours! A video is also included below showing it in action.

Buy EFO Bluetooth credit card keyboard for iPhone

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