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iPhone Recovery Stick recovers almost all data on your iPhone, also a great tool to spy on your spouse

A little device called the iPhone Recovery Stick, once plugged into a PC with the iPhone connected, you’ll be able to view almost all important data on the iPhone including text messages, calendar appointments, call history, voice notes, map history, photos and even deleted contents.

Apparently, this little stick is made to help you recover some important data on your iPhone. And it takes 20 minutes to recover every GB of data. The little stick is also suggested “great” to be used to spy on your spouse if he or she’s using an iPhone.

So, just follow the steps, connect the iPhone to a computer and hook up the recovery stick to the USB port of the computer. And start recovering or transferring all the data to that computer so you can go through all his or her messages and love notes later at your free time. It’s available for a price of $198. Hit the “Buy now” button to get yours.

Buy iPhone recovery stick

via ubergizmo

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