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Luggage Tag USB flash drive

Luggage tags are handy to allow your luggages easily identified, which you can have your name, addresses written on the tags. So while you’re little unfortunate, the luggage has gone missing at the airport, if there is a tag on the luggage, those who’ve found it would be able to contact you and send it back to you.

But now, the luggage tag has been added with additional function besides simply tagging your luggage. It also doubles up as a USB flash drive that stores your data. So while you’re traveling, you can have this Luggage Tag USB flash drive to tag your luggage as well as carrying your data – it’s a little useful device that a frequent traveler should have.

Te Luggage Tag USB drive comes in bright color so you can easily spot your luggage from a distance. Although it’s useful but it doesn’t sound comfortable to have a Luggage Tag USB drive to tag your luggage. As you’ll store some of your data on the drive, once it’s attached to the luggage, it might be prone to being snatched by an itchy hand; which you would lose your data. Anyway, if you want one, just hit the Buy now button below to get yours for a price of $30.

Buy Luggage tag usb drive

via coolest-gadgets

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