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Bellybuds Pregnancy headphones play music for babies in the womb

Pregnant moms who want to start educating their babies in the womb with music, can now make use of the Bellybuds headphones, which have been specially designed to send music into your womb for the baby. The headphones are to be attached on the mom’s belly and can be connected to any music source including your iPhone, iPod, iPad, smart phones and other music players; thanks to a 3.5mm headphone jack that it has.

So with the Bellyphones, you can let your baby hear prenatal voices, music or soothing sounds, which is said to help the baby develop in lots of positive ways. The headphones can also help create voice recognition patterns while the baby is still in the womb. So, pregnant moms can help their babies to start develop music talents while they’re in the womb – the way to develop future potential music stars. If you want the Bellyphones, just hit the “Buy now” button below to get from their store for a price of $50.

Buy Belly Pregnancy headphones

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